Champions of Oa Campaign Information
-Deity List
Light and Life
Sose, Goddess of Summer

Bolorn, God of Battle

Nature and Light
Vesstan, God of Dawn

Arthion, Goddess of Science

Life and Nature
Arro, Goddess of The Rivers

Ladis, God of Fortune

Knowledge and Life
Dadia, Goddess of Judgement

Ondar, God of The Land

Life and Death
Norward, The Father God of Life and Death

War and Tempest
Igona, Goddess of Chaos

Jonos, God of Nature

War and Death
Itar, God of Conquest

Knowledge and Light
Gabija, Goddess of Fire

Tempest and Nature
Nox, Goddess of The Sky

Trickery and War
Ophine, Goddess of Misfortune

Death and Tempest
Nar, God of Vengeance

-Creation of Oa
Oa was once empty and desolate, there was no sea to sail, no land to walk, and no air to breathe. This was the world Norward created with his birth. He brought the Gods and Goddesses of Oa to Life with his first breath. The first to begin their work were Arro, Ondar and Nox, who created the Lands, the Waters, and the Sky. They scuplted Oa from it’s most simple elements. Jonos and Gabija were the next to begin their work. Jonos created life in the sea. He built terrible monsters and beautiful fish. He created algaes and kelps, as as time went on, he began to bring his creations onto the Land. Meanwhile, Gabija worked within the earth to heat the lands and create precious gemstones and minerals. She brought Volcanoes and Mountains to the surface, scarring and burning parts of the work of Ondar and Jonos. Vesstan awoke next, and with him, the sun rose, shining light on our forming world; His sunshine awakened Sose, who brought Summer to Oa. Jonos saw his creations begin to thrive with the arrival of Vesstan and Sose, his joy at the sight awoke Ladis and his twin sister Ophine. Ladis decided to concern himself in the affairs of these creatures. He gave them gifts and taught them skills so they may form into societies. Ophine saw what her brother was doing with these creatures, and decided to entertain herself with them, too. Where Ladis created peace, she would create conflict. Where he would make prosperity, she would create famine. Their cycle went on as these societies advanced. As these people developed, their natures brought forth the awakening of Bolorn, Arthion, Dadia, Igona, Itar, and Nar. These Gods and Goddesses positioned themselves within societies and stood as embodiments of that which they represent. Dadia took on positions in councils throughout Oa. Bolorn became a great general countless times to fight for justice and glory. Igona often stood as an enemy to Bolorn, be it in battle or in more subtle ways, to ensure he never became the enemy he fought. Arthion aided hundreds of inventors to develop new technologies and magics. Itar and Nar worked hand in hand to meet the whims of those in society with more self-serving ideals by the means that worked best.
Through the creation of Oa, Norward gave much of his power to his sons and daughters. They had power that could defeat him tenfold, yet they do not act on this power. Norward is the God of not only life, but also death. If a God gets in his way, he has the power to end them and end their domain; He would rather not, as it would be detrimental to Oa to end any of the Gods. As time passed and the people of Oa developed, the Gods stopped creating the world, and began to exist as aspects of it more and more. The powers of each come from the vitality of their domains. Should a domain lose its place in the world, the God who created it would go to rest in a way similar to before they first awoke.

-You live on the continent of Terno, within the rule of the Kingdom of Kapon.
-Kapon is ruled by Clabal, who claims to be the host of Bolorn’s spirit.
-Kapon is the biggest city of which you are aware.
-While the majority of the population is human, there is a significant number of elves and Dwarves.
-Surrounding Kapon is the Arbon Woods. Further away from the city and surrounding
villages there are druids living nomadically.
-To the East is the Dekstan Mountains, past which is the Anason Ocean.
-To the Northwest is the Marchen Swamps, where the town of Supren sits on the shore of
the Kolosa Ocean.
-Also to the Northwest is the Great Desert and the town of Falu, where a large
dragonborn population resides.
-The West of Terno is covered by the Roko Canyons, which are largely unexplored due
to their treacherous nature.
-South of Kapon is the town of Sunon, it sits on the shore of the Anason Ocean and is a
town of vacationers and merchants.
-Between the Kingdom of Kapon and the Roko Canyons is the Bay of Arro.
-Outside of the Continent of Terno, you know that one of Kapon’s major trading partners is Safir; A dwarven mining town on the Continent of Cabeza to the south of Terno.

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